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The Co-Worker Culture

In most of the Organizations today, one often comes across the cliched concept of “Employer” and “Employee” but in our Organization, we entirely follow the “Co-Worker” culture.

This is essentially because the inception of this company has been based out of certain values and ethics that has been drawn from our very core. These values forbid us from drawing comparisons of people belonging from similar grounds. We believe that each and every individual who is working at our premises stand equal. Though they might have different work experiences, opinion, or skill sets, each and every co-worker is unique in his or her own way and thus will contribute as per their domain only.

Being a Co-Worker at Transcon Solution – We Recruit “Characters” and not “Certificates”

We at “Transcon Solution” do not follow the policy of recruiting manpower based on their educational qualification or the certificates that they carry. We believe in giving opportunities to dedicated and passionate manpower and then, converting them into “Human Capital”. In here, we usually do not engage in taking interviews of candidates but have detailed and fruitful discussions about different topics to know and understand how a particular individual can contribute into the growth and development of our Organization.

Once a member of the Transcon Family, a co-worker will be getting ample opportunities to work on their skill sets and develop them for their personal growth and for the development of the Organization. He / She will also get to work on domains other than their own enabling one to multi-task and explore the new avenues.    

Grow With Us – Explore your Options

We at “Transcon Solution” believe in giving equal opportunities to everybody. Each and every co-worker working under this brand name is given opportunity to grow based on their domain of work and their willingness to learn and explore new heights.

The following are the benefits of working at Transcon Solution –

·         Work Hard and earn an opportunity to be the spokesperson and to represent the Organization at an International Level.

·         Different certifications and training sessions to enhance knowledge in a particular domain or industry.

·         SEED – Source of Employee Education and Development.

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